Kapton Tube - Polyimide Tubing


Kapton® Tube | Polyimide Tubing

Kapton® film otherwise known as polyimide film is used to produce a polyimide tubing using spiral-wound plastic tubing techniques. Kapton® tube products offer superb electrical, physical, and mechanical insulation. Better than most known films, it retains its resistance to radiation and dielectric properties through low and high temperature extremes.

Its strengths include:

  • high dielectric insulating tubing qualities
  • retention of properties through high and low temperature extremes
  • any combination of plastic films, papers or substrates to solve special insulation needs

Our Kapton® tubing capabilities:

  • Inside diameters .026" to 2.000"; tolerance +/- .005"
  • Wall thickness .001" to .008"; tolerance +/- .001"
  • Lengths up to 36"; standard tolerance +/- .250" &
    cut to length tolerance +/- .010"

List of Common Polyimide Tubing Applications:

  • Electrical
    • Insulating tubing
    • Heat Insulation
    • Soldering applications
    • High temperature sheath
    • Fiber Optic sheath
  • Medical
    • Catheter
    • Fluid transfer
    • Retrieval devices
  • Photo Copiers
    • Fuser rollers
    • Drive belts
    • Heat insulating sleeve
    • Electrical insulation

Download and review the complete technical specifications in our Bulletin #6S Polyimide Tubing PDF.

For more information about the materials, applications, and benefits of our Kapton® Tube, polyimide tubing contact PPG.