Comprehensive Kapton® Tube Product

Exposure to industrial solvents and high temperatures can quickly breakdown most plastic tubing. Kapton® tube solutions mean to address these problems. Precision Product Group (PPG) can develop a Kapton® tube product that answers these concerns.

Our engineering group has decades of practical experience, and access to the latest equipment to make your plastic spiral-wound tubing product.  Our drive to innovative and results-focused leadership keeps your product on scope, on time, and on budget. You get exactly what you need.

Kapton®'s wide range of service temperatures (-2690C to 4000C) and excellent dielectric properties make it ideal for a diverse range of applicaitons. Kapton® alone can many times address the stresses of your application. In situations where vibration can lead to mechanical wear a combination of plastics may be needed.

Learn more by contacting PPG. What ideas can we shape for you?